Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9, 2009

Let's Talk,
It's been a great week so far. I had a very busy day yesterday at the shop. There where lots of people out. It was the best Wednesday I have had in awhile. Last time I talked, I was heading home to can green beans. I canned 14 quarts. I still have more to do. Last year I canned 75 quarts.
I don't think I'll need so many this year. My husbands grandmother and mom have always been the ones to do all the canning. Last year was the first year I did it on my own. I was so proud of my accomplishment. I also did my own tomatoes and squash. After I was done canning I went to water my flowers, I thought I would take a few pictures and share them with you all. I love to garden. I got that from my grandmother. She always had the prettiest flowers I had ever seen. Her geraniums where huge, her secret was miracle grow every other day. I miss her a lot, she passed away three years ago. When I see my flowers looking so pretty, I think of her. I am so glad she taught me how to garden. Hope you enjoy my pictures.

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