Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 29, 2009

It is Tuesday, I am having a hard time getting started today. I have a million things to do. Our town is having its monthly car show this weekend on the 4th of July. It will be very busy. Last week I was in Pennsylvania visiting relatives, I went antique shopping and I have a van full of great things to put out. I wish I had took a trailer, we found some wonderful places to shop. Some places had some wonderful cabinets I really wanted. My husband told me he was sorry, but we could not strap them on the top of the van, ha! ha! Well guess I will get busy.
Talk Later


  1. Hi Tammy, I am so excited for you on your new blog. It looks awesome. All your pictures are great and I can't wait to see what you have in store. You now have your first follower with many more to come. I will spread the word. Have a good selling day on the car show and I hope to see you next week. Soon....Sherie

  2. Your blog looks great! You will really enjoy the world of blogging. I have only been doing it for four months but it has become great fun. Great to see another prim lover!

  3. Hi Tammy. Welcome to blogging. It gives us fellow bloggers so many new ideas for all types of crafting, collecting, and decorating in "prim" style. You've truly been blessed to have the opportunity to own your own primitive/antique shop. I'll look forward to following you. Best wishes with your shop!

  4. Just found out about you're blog. Looks really nice. I love to create and to decorate. Can't wait to see more of youre lovely pictures.